JOHN WILCOCK: The Story Behind Interview Magazine

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My Son regularly goes as a very large [he’s a big tall dude] Andy Warhol to parties, I wonder if any one under 30 knows who he is…


does this mean we can be done with andy warhol now? please?

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what is this odd belief that people only know the art or artists from their time?

as a film geek, i have seen many things from before i was born

art is… especially vast, much vaster than motion pictures. i’m not an “Art Geek” but museums were often cheap or free places to go when backpacking. it was really interesting to me to think about how long people have been making art, all the art they made etc, and it was nice to look at. (plus no worries about rain etc, so you can get good deals on hostels in off season)

Anyways… I’m not surprised at all ppl know who Andy is, he’s quite famous, in the same way if you mauled up an ear people would get you’re picasso :slight_smile:


but seriously no one complained about the excelled hip hop family tree posts, it’s odd to me people wouldn’t like the andy ones, both are good graphic novels imo


Some people’s fifteen minutes of fame are longer than others…

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i’ve really enjoyed the john wilcock stories up until this point. i just find andy warhol (the character and the artist) so tiresome.

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It isn’t that odd. You should have seen the tweets from people saying “Who is this Ozzy Osborne guy? Post Malone is going to make him famous.” Or this girl who had a shirt that had an Egon Schiele painting on it and I was geeking out, but she didn’t know who he was. Just liked the painting.

Yes, there will always be people who dip into the past to learn about past creators, but a lot of people just haven’t lived long enough to have the exposure. And unlike in the past where what was on the TV or Radio is what you got, and you might end up sitting through something you didn’t look for but ended up liking, with all the on demand stuff, people can fine tune what they want and end up in a bubble of sorts.

But there is hope. I have tried to expose the kiddo to old things, and she even got to use the fact she knows A Boy Named Sue twice in lessons at school.

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Why? It’s odd since both are important but only one is queer…

Van Gogh cut off his ear.

Picasso is known for his art, including “Guernica”.

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i don’t know what’s odd about a person disliking a controversial artist with an abrasive personality.

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Wow, that’s some weapons-grade projection.

i’m confused… did andy have an abrasive personality?

maybe i’m not well educated, my understanding was he was very kind and welcoming… to the point he ignored red flags from someone who often violated boundaries, and ended up shooting him

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maybe i’m just odd, but there’s very little relation to my birth year and the art i consume (within reason… i don’t know much about say, roman architecture but many of my favorite films predate my birth or are from a period when i was too young to see them since they’re R rated)

i guess some people are more passive in their consumption of facts/media?

I’d rather watch a 9/10 film from 10 years before I was born than a 5/10 current release.

thanks for the correction my bad

Never heard he was abrasive, he was far too outwardly passive to come off that way. As to kind…well, some have said so, others differ.

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i agree someone can be both passive and abrasive imo, my most hated managers have all shared that combination XD

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I remember a few people who didn’t like hip hop family tree, but they never stayed around here for long.


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