JOHN WILCOCK: Visiting Japan on Five Dollars a Day

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The comic is not displaying for some reason. At first the article wasn’t evening coming up, just the page header. Now I see the comments link and other articles etc, but no cartoons!!


Same here. Weird…

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Even when I go cheap and stay with my in-laws, I spend more money per day on drink machines and beer.


Correlation does not equal causation. /s

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Ah, now I can see it. Thanks!

The plural of anecdote doesn’t equal data either.

I am just saying personally, I can’t go $5 a day just to stay hydrated or buzzed in Japan. :slight_smile:

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I would imagine that Japan of 2020 is probably very different from Japan of 1965.

I wish that I could have seen it. It sounds absolutely lovely. But no one would possibly describe Japan as a “poor” country anymore. The flip side is that Japan, from everything that I see of it, is still an absolutely lovely country; and I wish I could go there to see it now.

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Its a fun country to visit and has become increasingly cheaper to visit than in the past.

Prior to 1991, flights from the Continental US had to stop first in either Hawaii or Alaska. Now they can arc across the west coast and Siberia non-stop in some places, shortening flight times and fuel. My last trip there cost less for the flight than going to Miami or LA.

What I find is the best way to do it on a budget is stay at business hotels (they usually have fantastic breakfasts included). I go there every 2 years to visit my inlaws and I keep finding new and interesting things to do there (usually to get away from said in-laws)

Its well worth visiting and not as difficult to do than you think (provided you can block off 2 weeks vacation time)


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