Johnny Rotten's inner child ”spent £10,000 on iPad apps” like Game of Thrones


I find most people have the opposite problem. They’ll spend hundreds on their smart phone, thousands on their mobile contract, but balk at paying 99 cents for an app to run on it.

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Fuck consumerist sheep buying everything the establishment wants to sell them, right?


This is why the App Store for every phone is overrun with stupid free-to-play garbage that is all about making you spend money to make the game less shitty, because there are just enough people out there who plop down $25k and pay their salaries.

Hasn’t a book about the psychology of habit-forming products been advertised here? Not too long ago?


Anyway, speaking as one who leans much more strongly toward socialist ideals than capitalist ones: as much as I like to think I’d be exquisitely principled if I came into loads of cash, I don’t really know that I would.

I thought that’s what “Never Mind the Bollocks” was all about. I’m surprised at John.

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