Join Puddles Pity Party at Beyond Brookledge, May 20-22


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Is the outfit appearance specified in Pagliacci or did a tradition of doing it like the last production just settle in?


If you ain’t seen it in the flesh, you need to get yourself to one of his shows, awesomely awesomeness!


He’s got cool make up and a nice voice. I’m reminded of the lovely Fred Gwynne.


Which in turn reminds me of the singer Deke Dickerson


I’m reading BoingBoing most-recent posts first, and I saw the piece about air rage being more common on flights where the great unwashed masses are able to catch a glimpse of how the elite in first class fly, with a correlation between the size of the glimpse.and the depth of the rage.

Then I saw this post and it made me wonder how much the tickets to this can’t-miss Beyond Brookridge event cost. When I saw that they were $1600.00 apiece for this weekend of “Non-Stop Magic, Music, Comedy, and Mystery in a Luxurious Setting Like No Other” I knew that I would have to be content with watching cat videos on YouTube that weekend and having my very own pity party sans Puddles. :sob:


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