Jonny Quest Lives!


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FTFY, female here.


Boy in the 70’s who loved the silliness of Jonny Quest…


This was posted a while back, though it’s cool enough that the repost was just a nice reminder of an excellent thing.


I was a Johnny Quest fan as a kid in the early 60s, but I watched some episodes a year or two ago and honestly think it is a little disturbing. Certainly it is saturated with racial stereotypes, it has the father subjecting his young son to extreme danger all the time for no really good reason, the science is the worst parady of real science, it has all those 50s ideas of father-son relationships, etc.


And check this, too


If you were a boy in the 1960s

That was so exciting I puked in my waste basket! I style my entire male persona after Race Bannon, indeed.


I’ve been watching too much Venture Brothers. Johnny didn’t look right without a mustache.


HOLT CRAP. That was awesome. Every saturday was a battle with my olders sisters. American BandStand Vs Johnny Quest.

Best Cartoon Name ever …Race.
Best theme music ever!

I also would run around the house with my sisters Pug, which I of course re-christened “bandit”


I remember the stop motion BB linked; it was very cool. But it was popular with the girls, too.


I hated the “New Johnny Quest” show. Not just for the really crappy stories.
But in order to avoid any “gayness” about Dr. Quest and Race.
They shoe horned in female love interests at every possible chance.
It was pathetic it was like "Nope, we’re not gay…see we’re dating actual human females…gay? nope not a bit…did you see this female I’m dating…see…NOT GAY"
They really should have just named the reboot “WE’RE REALLY NOT GAY”


Ah, Race Bannon. He may have influenced my choice of cartoons…just a little.


Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to reply to you, I was trying to rely to the article but failed. “If you were a boy” is indeed very poorly worded FWIW.


I have the White Hair, but attempting to stay in shape like a cartoon is not easy.


Must be something totally fascinating off to the left of the plane.


Well, we’re all getting older.:cry:



That was AWESOME! Thanks for the link!


Action Johnny was a former boy adventurer and child star. He described his life as traumatic, which led to becoming mentally unstable. After his father died, "Johnny had been sequestered within a bathysphere, living in isolation and feeding (when possible) his addiction to narcotics.

Johnny later sobered up, but is still a high strung nervous wreck due to his many psychological issues resulting from his father’s irresponsible parenting. He was invited to Rusty Venture’s “boy-adventurer” day camp, where he claims to a group of young boys that “fathers are caring and protective men, and I don’t have one of those.”


Sim Sim Salabim, Jonny!