Journalists subpoenaed in Pink Slime maker's lawsuit against news organizations


What are you looking for out of this?

While I’m sure you are capable of contributing, you are adding nothing to this discussion.


To add, I’m not interested in being part of the race to the bottom.
I’m hearing a lot of stuff that sounds like corporate literature on this crap. No thanks.

Sorry that I like to eat food that primarily is made of actual ingredients. You know, like bread that’s flour, water, salt and yeast.
And beef that’s beef.
The reason why - to answer those that have raised it - that people go hungry in the USA or don’t have access to whole foods is that we have decided to subsidize shit rather than food that is good for us.
As to the world at large, it’s because we’ve decided to subsidize shitheads to run countries who put corporate interests over people.


You sound quite irritated. Why?

Just wanted to mention that you can clown around with names for a substance but however you call it won’t change the nature of the substance itself.

Kind of like naming toxins-enriched sewage sludge “biosolids” won’t suddenly turn it into a safe, clean fertilizer.

I for one invite any attempt to mock our public relations overlords.

(And, looking up details for fun, I found here that USDA people were originally nicknaming the stuff “soylent pink”. Just for a side note.)

For more data, check this book. I strongly suggest at least the first few chapters.


If I ran a meth factory and the cops busted me, would it be the cops’ fault all my poor employees were out of work? Or my fault for running an illegal business?

Blaming the journalists only means anything if they make false statements. A lot of people think that all journalism is biased, because it is produced by human beings. The only example of “unbiased” reporting might be a dry, numbers-only government report. But of course, whoever didn’t like the facts would call them biased.

So let’s rework that sentence, okay? “1500 people lost their livelihoods because the press reported what they were doing, and the public didn’t like it.” Is that fair?


You can also call milk ‘bovine growth hormone puss coctail’.

When’s the last time we ate cow or pig?

We rename pieces of animal we eat to something more pleasant.

An objective person would note that ‘pink slime’ isn’t exactly slimy, either. It’s more of a meat paste, not that far from spam.

I’m just sad that I’m failing to reach you. If I can’t get you to be objective, what chance do we have with conservative america?


Not here in Europe. Neeener-neener-neener! :smiley:

…at least until some secret international threaty removes these limitations…


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