Disney paid 'at least' $177 million to settle #pinkslime lawsuit over ABC News reports on gross meat product

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Moral of the entire story was always the same: Don’t buy processed crap.


I’m glad i don’t eat meat regularly. I occasionally do when i’m out and about but i try not to if possible.


The moral of this story is: If you tell people to not buy processed crap, those that manufactore said processed crap will sue you into oblivion.


I thought it was “you really can make a smoothie out of anything”


In our house we eat fresh butchered meats. The kids do enjoy chicken patties as well as frozen burritos from time to time…price to pay to keep three teenagers happy I suppose.

Nice thing about being on the coast is we have excellent seafood readily available.

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The original story was largely BS, so I’m unsurprised that the meat producers filed a libel suit.


I actually think the the manufacturers had a point here. The story was totally sensationalized. The product could not be actually described as “slime.” The result of people not eating the stuff is also bad for the environment. This product actually meant that each head of cattle produced more hamburgers and it was safe. People didn’t start eating fewer hamburgers as a result of this, they just change hamburgers to require more cows. I’m a vegetarian because the impact of meat consumption on the environment is so negative. It takes way more fuel, land, and water to produce meat, especially beef, compared to vegetable fat and protein. I really don’t think killing “pink slime” was that much of a win.


Funny how people were disgusting by the “pink slime” and aghast at the idea that processed and formed meats where made from this…

Yet these are the same people who have no issues eating jello, terrines, hell: any and all soups, stocks, stews, and chowders…and of course, hot dogs.


Yeah. And funny, just this week, I ran into this:
Collarex®, Edible collagen casings in any shape, give your meat products an attractive and natural appearance
Don’t ask how the sausage is made, right?



Goes in the same color & consistency that is comes out. What’s not to like, I ask you?

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I spent two years in my early twenties as an apprentice butcher. Learned a ton and it made me a far better cook for it.


Pink-slime= connective tissue/meat/etc that has been lightly cooked to remove some of the fattier bits

What would have been acceptable:
ABC could have run a documentary on how they were using connective tissue from cows to push up the “protein content” of ground beef and save on cost. Basically, corporations are selling you inferior products at a higher price.
What happened:
Instead, ABC News ran a program where they basically made it sound like the meat companies were feeding people poison and that “pink slime” was a dangerous and deadly additive that would kill everyone. It was melodramatic fear-mongering and irresponsible. They earned their lawsuit fair and square.


I dunno’…blah, blah, hoof to snout… whole animal, blah, blah…and so on.

Yeah, never mind the fact that this stuff came out of the food scare in the 70s when scientists worked hard to make all the even marginally nutritious parts of the animal into something that could be made palatable to the general public.

But hey, we have a long storied history of burning at the stake those who are trying to save the world.


If they were trying to save the world then rasing a whole animal to kill for steak isn’t the way.


True, but given that animals were going to be killed (sunk cost) then using all of the potentially nutritious bits is better than not.


The fact that any processed meat increases my chances of developing cancer makes all of it seem “gross.”


Doing anything increases your chances of developing cancer.


Maybe so, but eating vegetables does so at a lower rate than does eating meat, especially processed meat.