Roca Labs threatens suit against customers who helped website it is also suing




Invent snake oil…

Sue customers who complain…



Since we’re now discussing witness tampering. Here’s a helpful link to an explanation of the Florida code, and here’s one for the code itself.


Careful now, you go helping people involved in this case and you’ll end up added to the laundry list of defendants! :wink:


Yes. I should be afraid, very afraid. Note how carefully I worded my comment - I didn’t say who was tampering with witnesses, just that we were discussing the idea.

(whistling) Nothing to see here, folks. :slight_smile:


I notice the statute is silent on the subject of litigation. It’s not tampering if a lawyer does it.


Good thing none of us is a customer, or the entire readership of BB would be subject to this company’s lawyerism.


This does seem to be the big flaw in Roca’s business model: they can (apparently) create this quasi-legal user’s agreement whereby customers cannot complain about their product, but they can’t stop the Streisand effect of everyone else on the internet who hasn’t used their product from publicizing complaints once those customers have let the cat out of the bag.

If you make a good product it will advertise itself. If you have to require customers never complain about the product, well . . . what does that say about the quality of the product?


The people at Roca remind me of the people who owned Amy’s Baking Company. They’re the kind of people who possibly put out a lousy product, and got a little in over their heads. When the customers started pushing back, they wouldn’t back down, they went full Amy. You never go full Amy.


Every time a new channel of communication opens, there will be those who will wish to use it to tell lies. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But there are also those who will fear exposure of their lies and those who will, as a consequence, wish to police it. It’s something we can all look forward to, whatever the technology. Forever.

In brief - must we go through this shit every time? Yes. We must.


Everything was fine until that damn Gutenberg.




Never would have happened if we had put fire through a proper regulatory and impact-check like we were supposed to do. Instead, the damn tech leaked out and spread like… well, like wildfire, and here we are. Huddled in the dark afraid of everything was good enough for our distant ancestors, it should be good enough for us!


They dug themselves into a hole, and rather than admit a mistake, they just keep digging.


Well, you may laugh, but - sooner or later - somebody’s going to get hurt by fire if we’re not careful.


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