Roca Labs sues unhappy customers who agreed to testify against it


I’d love to know where Roca Labs got it’s start up funding. When I first heard about them, it was in a beautifully produced add running in high volume on YouTube. A very different marketing technique to the way most of these sellers of weight loss woo operate. I’m sure many of the people who were convinced to buy their product did so because they seemed so much more legitimate then similar companies.

The way they treat their customers is discussing and if there aren’t consumer protection laws to prevent this sort of thing then their ought to be. Although I wouldn’t be surprised it the current law lacks this protection simply due to a failure of imagination on the part of lawmakers.


Talk about customer service! Dissatisfied Roca customers get an enhanced level of personal attention that is unmatched in the industry. Just another way Roca shows it cares, er, about perceived quality.


That something is in the terms does not make it enforceable. It (they?) could include language to the effect that they reserve the right to beat complainers with a shovel – but that doesn’t make it so.


Can’t believe I’m the first to mention this, but…

https://randazza dot wordpress dot com/2014/10/11/how-to-cite-to-walter-sobchak

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How to cite to Walter Sobchak

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Streisand, I summon thee!

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Now, I’m no high priced, big-city lawyer, </hokey accent> but I don’t see how it could be considered defamation. Breach of contract perhaps (if use of the product can be considered legally binding). I very much want to see what a judge will say.

The thing i don’t understand is:
Surely suing your customers gives you orders of magnitude more damage to your companies reputation than mere bad reviews ever could?

I just can’t see why the company is doing this, it seems profoundly stupid from which ever direction i look at it…

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