Baybrook Remodelers sue (and sue and sue) people who give them negative reviews


They’re going to be living in Comeuppance City soon enough.


But the most damning indicator of the company’s negative reputation is the 40 pages of complaints filed with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

I’m not sure that this really advances your argument. I looked at the file and yes it is 40 pages, but it is only 5 complaints stretching back to 2001. The complaints are complaints are multiple pages long (not the actual complaint but the forms used) and in the middle of the packet is an 18 page copy of one of the contracts issued for a job including the scope of work. Also 2 of the 5 were resolved between the consumer and the contractor and it looks like one of them the contractor may have met the requirements of the contract despite what the consumer claimed.

From The Naked Gun
Jane: How could you do something so vicious?

Vincent Ludwig: It was easy my dear. You forget, I spent two years as a building contractor.


Such amazing impact on everyones lives. Thanks for sharing this… as opposed to covering… oh, I dunno. Something relevant and/or wonderful.

In other news… my local bakery has been out of vanilla bean cheese danishes for two weeks!

I live about a half an hour from these people down the coast and we’re looking at hiring contractors. This just saved my ass a lot of trouble.


3…2…1…go astroturfers!


Oh I didn’t realize he was posting just to you. Makes much more sense now.


Oh would you look at that! They sent her a letter signed “Attorney at Law” that was clearly not sent by a lawyer. It looks like “unauthorized practice of law” to me, though I don’t think they’ll get any gumption for it.


Sometimes the satisfaction you’re looking for isn’t really satisfaction, though.

I went to an auto body shop in Fla. when I was in college to help restore a classic car I had. The new nephew put in charge did a shitty job, and it appears he did a shitty job for a multitude of other customers.
After a few rounds of court-appointed arbitration, and worse attempts at fixing the situation, the Auto Body Uncle calling and saying I’d never get satisfaction, I threw up my hands.

I read an article a couple of years ago that said the nephew got caught embezzling by his wife/accountant, so he fought with her, drove to work, and committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. I still don’t know what to make of that.


This is such an impressive record, it makes me wonder if they are the Westboro Baptist Church of building contractors, intentionally infuriating people so they might gain by suing.


Good god, man, why the hell are you passing out business-genius like this on the open Intertubes? I’m filing documents to create exactly that business right now.

BTW: Need any help with that kitchen remodel? Demolition is free!


Two weeks!? Sue them!!!

YM “guff.” HTH.

(“gumption” - spirited initiative, resourcefulness. “guff” - annoying criticism, verbal abuse.)

Indeed. I did mean “guff”.

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We won’t have a nice or wonderful world if people who abuse the legal system aren’t challenged since abuse of the legal system affects society at large.

And hey, if BoingBoing can help people avoid the hassle of dealing with this contractor, well, that’s certainly helpful too.


I was in Milford, CT for work the other day. maybe been there a dozen times.

Ive never known why, but i breath a sigh of relief every time i leave that town, and i just decided yesterday that I am not freelancing any more projects there.

i dont need money so bad to expose myself to that particular breed of townie.

okay, so… whats ON those pieces of paper you counted / discounted there?

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Seems like there is some corruption on the Milford end as well.

People who behave like that usually have reason to think they are politically protected. Probably some relative in the buildings or engineer’s department.

If I was the mayor, I would be telling my chief of staff to find out who took the decision to yank the zoning on the house and when and why. Then I would find out if they had any connection to the contractor.

okay, so… whats ON those pieces of paper you counted / discounted there?

Well, Stewart_Hunter said, right there, that 18 pages evidently are just the insertion of a contract. The total is 5 complaints. Two of which were settled.

Did you wanted it posted verbatim? Sheesh. Go check yourself. I think the point was, “40 pages of complaints”, with the 40 pages in scare italics, is either very slack or disingenuous. It smacks of an attempt to make it sound like LOTS of people–40 pages worth–have complained. A DAMNING number! But I guess this wouldn’t have worked as well:

But the most damning indicator of the company’s negative reputation is the 5 complaints filed with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Interesting story–I love to see jerks exposed, especially those that try to sue people into silence and play legal games to drag things out. But… I also hate to see BoingBoing stoop to presenting facts in a way that seem designed to give a misleading impression in support of their view. A strong opinion is fine. A strong argument is fine. But please, just don’t do this kind of shit or what you say can’t be trusted as anything but cherry-picked hyperbole where getting people to agree with you is more important than the story itself.