Woman says Abbey Inn in Nashville, Indiana fined her $350 for leaving a negative review


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I’m leaving them a negative review right now.


This is the kind of stuff trump wants business’s to be able to do on the Federal level, sue and libel anybody that is not satisfied with paid for ‘goods and services’. Thankfully in this case, the State of Indiana had a consumer affairs department, but for how long? I’m not sure Utah, where I live has a state office that protects consumers for this type of issue. There is a local news consumer advocate, Matt Gephardt that does this through his ‘Get Gephardt’ program. He is pretty good at it too, but still he’s not an official government entity with real legal clout.


What is that red ‘thing’ under the bed?


It’s just a little smear of libel.


The thing you’re staring at intently when the inbred serial killer zombie clown demon emerges from the closet behind you.


Isn’t this the sort of thing where you should just be able to call the credit card company and say, ‘Please reverse this bullshit charge leveled by this crazy person’?


Not if trump and the repugs decide the credit card companies don’t have to.


Same place?

“We are a family of artists and makers…”



Can’t you apply a chargeback on that sort of bogus charge? The inn would have to go a messy arbitration to try and get those $350 back and all kinds of nasty publicity would come of that fight.


I’m honestly surprised. That doesn’t seem like the kind of thing Republicans want to pay for, and Indiana is very Republican.


Perhaps he’s thinking ‘if only I could have fined guests at need to recoup losses at the casinos I would never have gone bankrupt!’


You left out:

" … When we are not working at The Abbey you can find us on the mountain bike/hike trails throughout Brown County or working on our organic garden."

Don’t look for us at the front desk, we have better things to do.


Looks like they’ve already shut down their Google listing and have ponied up the cash for Yelp’s “reputation management” service to start purging negative reviews. If they are indeed being sued, might removing information like this be construed as destroying evidence and/or obstruction of justice?


I’m guessing Indiana, home of self proclaimed horse fucker Mike Pence, does not have an anti-SLAPP law?


From that map, it appears that it does


Hey I don’t read the links, I just post 'em! :wink:


If the room is awful, then out comes the phone to make a record of it, just in case the owners are like this. Use it in a dispute or post it on YouTube. (But maybe check with a lawyer first.)


And thanks for spoiling the next Rob Zombie movie.


Why worry about costs like cleaning and customer service when you can trick people into leaving a negative review and fine them for it? That’s just a clever business strategy there, I think we all wish we’d thought of that before…