Woman says Abbey Inn in Nashville, Indiana fined her $350 for leaving a negative review

This shyster Andrew Szakaly is also the chief deputy prosecutor for Brown County, Indiana.

Looks like he “sold” the hotel to his daughter to dodge responsibility.

Assholes like this sleazeball give the legal profession a bad reputation.


I went back to Birmingham recently to see family. Life pro tip: Read the reviews of the hotels near the airport (for a laugh) and do not book a room there (I mean, beyond your normal inclination to avoid spending a day or night in Alabama…).

Review excerpts:

“blood on the walls, sprayed on the toilet, found a drug spoon on the side of the bed with a cotton in it.”

“Just went out to grab a bottle of water from my car and was offered Meth.”

“Nothing but drugs, prostitutes, the dirtiest rooms and worst service ever. I checked in to find hair in the shower and on the sheets, blood stains on the walls and used condoms on the floor. There was even a film of old vomit on the rim of the toilet bowl.”

Where is Bukowski when you need him to make all this sound romantic?


Sadly no because the hotel is a vendor and the hotel made a charge in good faith. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are complete idiots who think they can enforce their so called contract. If they hadn’t gotten greedy and kept the money after she deleted the review they might have gotten away with it for a little while longer.

So Visa/MC have to appeal to both consumers and vendors. They can’t say it was fraud in a specific legal sense. It is a different kind of fraud - one that has to do with enforcing an illegal contract. So Visa will probably review the case and decide to side with the consumer because the contract is so obviously illegal. Furthermore they ASKED the woman to do the review. The contract probably prohibits you from saying something bad about the hotel, but if you are asked to review the hotel and you make an honest review the hotel are idiots. They should have hosted their own review system for the hotel on their own site that doesn’t publish publicly. Then could post only good reviews if they wanted. But like idiots they ASKED her to review it and then DIDN"T STACK THE DECK IN THEIR OWN FAVOR. And then like idiots they are trying to keep the money. They have to believe in their case because no one is this stupid.

[Adding some more thoughts on the case] I can sort of imaging them being like some idiot Gomer Pile kind of guy who just genuinely believes all contracts are enforceable no matter what because once someone was able to enforce a contract against him that he didn’t think was fair. So he’s concluded that all contracts are enforceable no matter what and he’s made that part of his business model in running this hotel.


I think that the chair is kinda’ cute.
The red thing, well, if they don’t charge me extra for the creepy… I don’t mind that either.

Like this one review is going to hurt them. Tripadvisor has about a million one stars going back quite a ways.


So, on information and assent that they are in hell or Indiana’s proxy, that’s a good faith sort’a charge that keeps with best practices for similar businesses?

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The AP article I read before seeing this on Boing Boing didn’t mention the father/daughter relationship, but another article I read later on did. She (the new manager in the process of taking over ownership from her father) was representing herself in the AP article as a helpless victim who was going to lose her business for something she didn’t even know about. It looks like the prevaricating apple didn’t fall very far from the mendacious tree.


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Not going to pay Scripps money to read their rag. Good luck with the business model though.

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Are you saying that one of these is behind a paywall? I use uBlock and I’m not getting anything that stops me from seeing the articles. Though I agree that much of the Internet uses horrible business models. If you’re accessing the site from outside the US I don’t know what kind of problems you may be running into though.

If you use Google to find the first sentence or two of an article you can usually find more than one place to read it. The second article I linked above does a much better job of presenting the information than the AP article does.


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You get a like merely for that well crafted phrase. Nice one.


Just looked at that quote - doesn’t it rather imply that he likes being fucked by horses, as opposed to the other way round?


I love Brown County–spent my formative years in Bloomington attending school for a number of years. It is difficult to hear that a business owner in Nashville has received death threats for making poorly chosen decisions about the use of the internet in reviewing B&Bs. No matter how bad things get in the cultural and political debates, we should try to be kind to one another. Mary and Joseph might not have had the best accomodations but at least they were strangers who were offered a place. The owner of that ancient inn may have not wanted all the commotion that ensued, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t turn around and try to extricate a share of the gold or frankincense either before, or after Mary Joseph, and their newborn son departed. So: kindness is the order of the season. Good luck to all of you involved; blessings to the inhabitants of Brown County.

Ah yes, I will make sure future posts clarify that Mike Pence has a belly full of horse nut NOT that he mounts horses.

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