NYC gynecologist files $1 million lawsuit against woman for 1-star Yelp review

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“His fingers were cold”

Not true, that wasn’t my finger.


Lawsuit, vaguely sexual, e-reputation… I think no news could be more “meanwhile in the U.S”…



AKA abusing the legal system to silence criticism.


I think any judgment against Michelle Levine should factor in the YELP overall ratings based also on bogus positive reviews left by the reviewees relatives and friends. That does happen on YELP.



NYC gynecologist files $1 million lawsuit against woman for 1-star Yelp review

Obviously she has an evil va-genda.


I wonder how the Streisand effect caused by a doctor suing a patient for $1,000,000 is going to impact his practice?



“After I got a bill for an ultrasound and a new patient visit, whatever that means, and it was not billed as an annual I wrote a review about it,”

I read the link and watched the video, maybe they missed something in the reporting. This seems to be the correct billing, even if she doesn’t understand it (though it’s not hard to figure out… the answer is right there in the name). Seeing a new patient is considerably more work than performing an annual or other established patient visit and is billed accordingly.

I think she justifiably was mad at the insane healthcare system we have in this country and took it out on the doctor.

Doesn’t necessarily make his lawsuit the right answer, but being accused of fraud on-line does have consequences.


Yes, good idea, women are absolutely going to flock to a doctor that sues them if they’re not happy with his services :roll_eyes:


I was just thinking, Saint Barb is gonna have a field day with that guy.




Yeah. As the owner of a company that gets reviewed*, inaccuracies and lies and idiocy in reviews bother me a lot and I wish there was a real mechanism to address those. The whole review culture in this country is a trainwreck.

*we are very fortunate to have positive reviews from our wonderful customers, but every now and then someone zings us with some nonsense.


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The problem is that a restaurant owner, say, can go online and reply publicly to the bad review and tell everyone what actually happened.

Pretty sure that any Dr. would HIPAA their ass into nothingness if they discussed any details of a patient’s visit in a public forum. If the review is inaccurate, there’s nothing they can do to publicly defend themselves.

Not saying that this guy did or didn’t do what she claims, and suing for $1M is certainly an asshat move that will bite him in the nuts, but there are major problems with public reviews that are legally necessarily one sided and non defensible.


“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” - Will Rogers


This is the exact truth. I have had this happen at my practice in which a patient left a scathing review full of blatant lies, but we were legally unable to reply due to HIPPA. Now, suing never crossed our minds and our good reputation in the community make sure we did not suffer adverse consequences (as far as we can tell) but being helpless in the face of false statements is pretty frustrating.


I had this happen once (I’m a Veterinarian), with someone who brought in a cat that was chronically ill, and was pissed that we’d have to run diagnostics to figure out whether the emaciated dehydrated cat had renal issues, thyroid issues (cats often become hyperthyroid), or had some sort of neoplasia/cachexia. Then there was the issue of critical care… Of course the review was lie filled and all about how we only wanted $$$ and didn’t care etc… Same thing, we couldn’t respond directly, so I did the next best thing: I let it be known that I had some crank posting lies on a review site, and my good clients flooded the shit out of the site with positive reviews. Made that one person really look like an asshole.


I bet people love it when they come in with a cat with a urinary blockage and don’t realize how expensive (and urgent) treatment is in that case.


Man, I had one really nice old lady who had a cat that was profoundly diet sensitive. Couldn’t eat certain proteins without forming crystals. Every few months she’d come in with him because he blocked (after eating sushi at the weekend family dinner)… Urgh…

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