Baybrook Remodelers' cack-handed SEO genius wants our unflattering coverage removed from the net



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you dun goofed.


Some people do not seem to understand that one does not put a big stick into the hornet’s nest and stir vigorously. It has consequences.


I thought it was cute he is such a net master he thought if he deleted his messages they would all vanish. oops.

Oh and I blame what I learned reading BoingBoing for my bad language in my comment.


I’m making popcorn.


I appreciate the willingness of Boing Boing to allow this “SEO Consultant” the opportunity to dig a grave for his client. Well done!


What are these “SEO Consultants” of which you speak?


SEO = “Search Engine Optimization”


As much of an assclwon he apparently is, he did a fine job. Google Baybrook Remodelers, Inc. right now - first pages show nothing of the controversy and the first hits are mostly review sites giving them above average ratings (I know they’re probably manipulated with shill reviews).,+Inc.+&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8


Minor editing note: it took me a few tries to get “its founder, Mike Masnick” to read as TechDirt’s founder, as opposed to Baybrook’s or something.


“600 bloggers and 20000 blog as ranging in pr 4 to 7”.

Oh that is wonderful. I’ve done a small amount of the less odious kind of SEO in the past, and this man sounds like he’s from the year 2006! Google stopped worrying about Page Rank as a primary way to rank websites a long, long time ago.


I couldn’t decipher that, so I came to the comments to figure out what was meant by that. Thank you.

inventing imaginary conversations with Boing Boing in which we are said to be considering removing our own overage.

Sounds like somebody might be about to go down in flames…


That was 4 hours ago. Now the BB stuff is 4th & 5th & climbing, techdirt following. Tomorrow they’ll rank 1st


Wait, I have a brilliant idea. We can use the forces of internet thuggery against each other!

Did you hear? Baybrook Remodelers and Todd Ramos have found that Syngenta’s blockbuster pesticide atrazine feminizes male frogs!


Perhaps I need to change occupations and go into the SEO racket. I can do at least as shit a job as this Todd Ramos character seems to be doing on behalf of his client Baybrook Remodelers.
I am starting to wonder if SEO jobs attract a lot of sociopaths, given the con-men tactics and how many of them seem to respond when challenged at all, as documented here and on Popehat.

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There’s my one brilliant idea per day. take it and do what you will


Um, couldn’t they just do better quality work to get some positive reviews?


Well I for one will tweet a link and do my part to make that come true.

Um, couldn’t they just do better quality work to get some positive reviews?

Golly that sounds like a lot of work!


Maybe they are used to controlling others and seek to punish those whom they cannot control. “Bully” might be the word to use here.