Joyous animated video for Nina Simone's "Color Is A Beautiful Thing"

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I love listening to Nina Simone, and sometimes I’m puzzled while listening to her. When she was “on”, the music is unbelievably sublime. She could touch your soul, so rare. Still, other recordings make you wonder if it’s possible that this even the same person.

Who could hit such lofty highs without also putting out exhausted, mundane performances? It’s just a treat (true gift) that when it came together, she put forth amazing talent, perfection really!

I also love reading about her life, and especially about encounters with her. She was deeply troubled and reacted to everything. The stories by her, of her, and about contact with her are fascinating. She kept a gun, brandished it on occasion, was logically and simply perfect, and was also completely self-absorbed, unfortunately and understandably, with/by her severe emotional problems.

She was a deeply sad, and deeply inspiring human being. (human beings are pretty awesome)


We can’t turn back the clocks, but the I-Ching Chang, Ding Dang bit could’ve been revisited to make this a bit more timeless.
Not overlooking the fact that Nina Simone is so special and I Got Life still makes me well up every time I hear it.


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