Nina Simone sings "Mississippi Goddam"


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Nina Simone sings “Mississippi Goddam”

Just change Mississippi GD to “tRump Goddam”, works too.


The problem with Nina Simone is that too many of her songs vie for my “most favoritest.” I had not hear this particular recording of Mississippi Goddam before… but it moves me just the same. Yesterday it was Feeling Good, today it’s this.


♮♫_"When you see me laughin’_
I’m laughin’ just to keep from cryin’." ♯♪


That puts me in mind of this news from today.

I love this woman.


I saw that in my Twitter feed. I have a new hero.


I’m sure they could let her sing “Strange Fruit.” A number of things might potentially happen:

  1. There could be a “problem” with the sound system, like at the end of Meet John Doe.
  2. She might sing it when Trump is conveniently called to another event.
  3. Trump and his supporters will hear the song, and not have the vaguest idea of what it’s about.


Trump probably won’t, but I wouldn’t bet on all his Devil’s Disciples not recognizing it.


Whoooooo, I almost didn’t make it past this opening line before my hackles started rising :slight_smile:


And I’m sure they all view themselves as victims of PC discrimination.


PC Discrimination; isn’t he part of the institutional racism of the London Metropolitan Police Force?


I thought the spelling was off too, but Wikipedia sides with “goddam”


Q: "Why do they always seem so angry?"
A: (waves vaguely at 400 years of American history)


“Feeling Good” is the most Bond-like song never to have been a Bond theme.


There’s a great Netflix doco on Nina. (Also watch the one on Ginger Baker where he punches the film-maker)


She used to throw in ‘Ronald Reagan’ back in the day.


Back in the days when blasphemy was a serious offence, a dam was also a small unit of currency used on the Indian subcontinent. Hence the expression “Not worth a dam”. At least, that’s what they said…


God I love Nina Simone.

Starting at 3:00, the verse with “You told me to wash and clean my ears” just hits so hard. How many marginalized groups have been told by those in power (and internalized) that they should integrate, behave themselves, wait, go slow. And the result is years of tragedy, wasted potential, and death while we wait to “earn” our place at the table.


JUST like they did to Mariah Carey!!!

(too soon?)