Judge fines self $50 for allowing his phone to go off during sentencing hearing


Judge fines himself an insignificant sliver of his income for minor inconvenience, also fines poor and poverty-stricken a proportionally much larger portion of their income for same inconvenience.

If you’re going to impose fines, they need to be percentages, not flat fees. I live in an area where endangered mangrove trees are protected with a flat fine - cut them down, pay several hundred dollars per tree. When some local working class resident near the water is clearing foliage from their yard and unwittingly cuts down a couple of mangroves that have intruded onto their property, they get hit with pretty painful fines. When a housing developer wants to put in a new condominium, they bulldoze whole acres of mangrove without a thought because they stand to make millions off the new structure despite the cost of the fines.


Justice is blind not deaf. Turn off that damn cellphone you idiot!

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I almost pointed out this story is several months old - but it turns out to be a new story, with a different judge. Glitch is right, I’m not too impressed with either the gravity of the crime nor the severity of the punishment.

Show me the judge who had himself locked up for corruption.

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