Judge: no proof Yelp manipulates reviews

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If Yelp shenanigans were as widespread as everybody seems to believe, it seems to me that it would be easy for plaintiffs to dig up some hard evidence of shenanigans.

Yelp is huge and undoubtedly there have been some instances of misconduct, but the systematic misconduct that everybody alleges is probably a bunch of bullshit.

And there is no PROOF that the mafia isn’t just an honorable garbage collection business that has had its reputation maligned…bada bing badda boom!

Yelp not only charges money directly to deal with bad review situations, it facilitates independent parties extorting businesses, and there are business built up around loading fake good reviews. Yelp is pretty darn bad. If I ever check it i take all reviews good and bad with a huge amount of skepticism.


What are you, wanna dose conspiracy nuts?

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waddayagunnadoaboutit? i ain’t sayin i iz, i ain’t saying i aint.

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