Judge okays military force-feeding of Syrian Guantánamo detainee


Judgy thoughts:

“He’s brown and MEAN looking. I could be JUST. I could be FAIR. I think instead, I’ll be ARBITRARY and play to the prejudices of those who appointed me.”

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Well, another way to look at it is that even if he weren’t a terrorist before, he certainly would be now. I know I’d want to attack any country that detained and tortured me for 12+ years without a trial…


Torture is one of those things humanity should recognize as unequivocally pure evil, yet somehow we continue trying to rationalize its use. Kind of makes you do a double take every time something like this is in the news. It’s a reminder that civilization hasn’t come a long way after all.


The military is tricking the judges into supporting them. They’ve cleverly framed the hunger strike as a suicide attempt, thus framing themselves as noble rescuers who have come save the victim from self-destruction. The reality is that hunger strikes are a form of protest. They rarely kill the striker. What the military is really doing is removing any remaining hope of the prisoner to plead for help from the outside world, along with any iota of self-determination and control.


If only someone who was the head of the military could issue some kind of executive order banning the practice. Like some kind of, I don’t know, Commander-in-Chief.


simply absolutely disgusting , all involved are soulless

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The judge should have simply ordered the detainee released.

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Completely not the point, but someone doesn’t know what Hobson’s choice means. It can’t be agonising because Hobson’s choice is no choice - you get what you’re given.


Hey, ho, Bush must go!!!

And I’m not racist but if I let you stay in my boarding house all the other racist guests will leave and then where will I be?
Listen, we HAD to fire bomb the entire family with a drone, once some were dead we knew that any survivors would want to kill us and then where would we be?
Ok, godwin, so the Nazi’s were under an imperative to murder all of the Jews because of this ‘reason’.

You are [playing] an ass and anyone else who thinks it’s a cogent argument should immediately remove themselves from the gene pool for the very same reason.
[and I should add {(/s)?}]

That is an actual excuse given by one of the Nazi death squad leaders during the Nuremberg trials.



yeah, I was aware of the ‘reasoning’ but I still godwinned.
Hanging a lamp on it is only polite.

Oh no, they’ve gotten better at it and hiding it.

Also expressed as “nits breed lice.”

Very true, and that could be the argument for never releasing him. What’s the solution? His life has been ruined.

Homeland and 24 not only rationalize it … they let you see how important our rationalizations would be if we would just let go and have an iced-cold, glistening, refreshing Coca Cola everything will be fine.

¡El Sabor!

I haven’t seen Homeland, but I quit watching 24 because it creeped me out.

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