Yasiin Bey, formerly actor/rapper Mos Def, is force-fed Guantanamo style to illustrate cruel procedure

[Video Link]. The rap artist and actor formerly known as Mos Def agreed to participate in a video demonstrating and explaining the procedure of force-feeding as it is applied to Guantanamo detainees. The video for Human Rights organisation Reprieve is directed by BAFTA award-winner Asif Kapadia, a British filmmaker of Indian descent. The Muslim holy… READ THE REST

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"will only feed hunger strikers after sunset and before dawn…‘We understand that observing the daytime fast and taking nothing by mouth or vein is an essential component of Muslim observance of Ramadan,’ Durand said. ‘And for those detainees on hunger strike we will ensure that our preservation of life through enteral feeding does not violate the tenets of their faith.’ "

It’s a big human rights violation regardless, but it seems like they’re committed to night time force feedings.



The original Miami Herald story cited says that they “will only feed hunger strikers after sunset and before dawn”. That means that the forced-feeding will in fact be done in accordance with Ramadan fasting practice. You might want to correct the statement claiming otherwise.

“will only feed hunger strikers after sunset and before dawn”

Well, that makes it all better than. See how well they’re adhering to the protection of human rights, at least when it comes to religious beliefs?


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Because Ramadan evening meals have traditionally been delieverd by tube against the will of the eater?

Tradition must mean something else for your people.


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Let me first say that I in no way endorse the forced feeding of anybody. That said this video is massivly misleading. That is a standard NG feeding tube used in every hospital on many poatients every day. I’ve put one down myself for physiology experiments. Sensationalism should never be used to make a point.

Seems a fair punishment for H2G2.

Nobody ever answered this question on the previous thread (perhaps there is no answer); taking it as read that the detainees are not going to be released or allowed to starve themselves, what is the least bad option for force-feeding during Ramadan?

I’d argue there’s a fair difference between doing it yourself, at your own pace, or having a person who cares about your well being, can provide reassurance, and walk you through the process versus having 3 people force you down and shove something up your orifice while not giving one shit about how you feel (or if they are even doing it right).

It’s like claiming a prostate exam is fine, even if the person in question didn’t want it, because, hey, people get them all the time and some people even do it to themselves!

NG tubes are not something I particularly want to experience ever again, and it was being done with the utmost care around a group of people I trusted who were supporting me. And I wanted to live…

And while I agree with you about sensationalism when added to influence opinion, this is a pretty accurate depiction, with the most bombastic part being that they don’t force him to continue when he starts protesting. Unfortunately, most people seem to see this as a medical assist, when really it is an insertion of a foreign object into an orifice, which is (probably intentionally) extremely painful when done forcibly, to prolong suffering and enact vengeance, counter to the persons’ wishes. You can argue whether such treatment is deserved or not after you are informed both intellectually and empathetically, but hiding behind ignorance or false assumptions is not a way to debate. Sometimes you just have to see to believe.


If I were given to wild speculation, I’d hazard a guess that the military industrial complex is farming opponents in order to secure funding.
Is this merely an efficient, emergent design, to which other more comfortable, contributing factors must be substituted?

Yeah, a procedure that patients complain bitterly about because it’s quite painful putting the tube down or leaving it in. And which has a non-trivial chance of running Sustacal into someone’s lungs if the person doing the insertion makes a mistake. But that could never happen because Guantanamo attracts the finest medical personnel in this quadrant of the galaxy.


But that could never happen because Guantanamo attracts the finest medical personnel in this quadrant of the galaxy.

Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a cafeteria worker!

(edited to make it clear that this comment was in reply to this part of Antinous’s comment)

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I’m against force-feeding detainees but when someone claims people are being force-fed during the Ramadan fast hours they’re factually inaccurate and need to be corrected. That doesn’t mean I agree with the practice. People don’t get to claim that it’s somehow worse torture to force-feed detainees during Ramadan fast hours and then when corrected say, “Well, it doesn’t matter when the hours are! It’s just as bad!”

Jesus fucking Christ. That was hard to watch. But I’m glad he did it, that I watched it, and that others will. I just hope one of them is Obama.

Just not into jokes right now.

[“Video Link”] links to tiny jpg.

Who are you correcting? And do they -need- to be corrected? Do they need to be fed nourishing correct facts against their will else freedom and democracy wither?

First, yes they do get to claim it. They do. Just like you get to claim that they are saying “Well, it doesn’t matter when the hours are, it’s just as bad” when it’s YOU saying that.

Whom are you quoting? I’d have to say it’s yourself that you’re quoting. Stop upsetting yourself.

[quote=“AcerPlatanoides, post:18, topic:2955, full:true”]
Who are you correcting? And do they -need- to be corrected? Do they need to be fed nourishing correct facts against their will else freedom and democracy wither?[/quote]

Xeni in the original post, which has since been edited to delete a claim that detainees are going to be force-fed during fast hours, and yes. And eye roll at the idea that my belief that truth is important is somehow analogous with force-feeding someone. Because people are forced to read my comments and my comments are physically dangerous.

Did you even read the entire sentence? Have you have ever heard of paraphrasing? People are claiming that. Either breaking fast hours is a worse torture or the hours don’t matter, it can’t be both.

And really? Upsetting myself? Classy.

What’s the misleading part? Do you mean that he’s hamming it up?