Judge rules pipeline company can enter and survey land without owners' permission

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Am I missing some important context as to why the rights of Summit Carbon Solutions to just do whatever are being treated as presumptive, with landowners attempting to argue against them; rather than the other way around?


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In US court$?

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let’say i’d not be shocked (shocked) if money associated with “pipeline company” and the judge’s interests (or interests of the judge’s associates) are notably flowed as compared to the owner of the land in question. (“An independent judiciary, you say? …well it’s quite independent of most divisions of society”)


The northwest exemplifies the whole U.S. “libertarian fantasy, corporate reality” vibe nicely.

Exactly. These rugged individualist rubes who constantly vote GOP never can grasp that the property rights of fictional persons always take priority over those of Real American™ humans.


Ok, but can they now do the same to survey putting down high speed rail tracks? Because if we build that we’ll need less pipelines.


With corporations fighting against safety regulations and adequate staffing, as well as increasing public awareness of accidents, I’m not sure moving hazardous materials at faster speeds would help. They’ve proved they can’t safely handle hazardous materials at low speeds, and cause safety problems when the rail cars aren’t moving at all.


But mass transit is soshalist!!


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Real high speed rail is for people, not cargo.

AFAIK rail freight in the United States is mostly bulk cargo that is not time sensitive, so there’s no reason to move it any faster. American railroads’ idea of efficiency is to run fewer, longer trains and to deal with worn-out track by running them even slower.


Agreed. If there’s been analysis that shows the cost and timeline involved in implementing and promoting usage of high speed rail in the US for environmental benefit would be faster than this carbon capture pipeline, great. After reading what’s happened to Eurostar, I’m doubtful that would provide enough benefits in the short term.


Though I agree the US needs to get over its dereg obsession I am speaking of passenger transportation, moving it away from the oil heavy airlines and auto standards that is US travel.


I don’t know about the landowners in this case but there was a very similar case in Iowa I think where the landowners in question were corn farmers who’s entire business depends on the the heavily subsidized ecological disaster that is fuel ethanol getting upset about an environmental pipe dream that is carbon sequestration whose main purpose is to greenwash their ethanol grift to keep it going a few more years. So I have a hard time feeling too sorry for them either.


Ok, I was thinking in terms of your comment about pipelines and this specific carbon capture project. Unfortunately, the issues involved in land and high speed rail in the US are likely to take much longer than pipelines. The Northeast Maglev project timeline vs. these pipeline plans shows some of the differences.


Yeah. The header photo in the source article is of a No Trespassing sign in a field of corn. It seems to be a literal reaping what they sow. Judge rules in Summit’s favor to survey private land, landowners plan to appeal


Stricter passport controls because of Brexit are a big part of Eurostar’s problems. They have to leave seats unsold because they can’t get passengers through passport control quickly enough.


Summary is incorrect - this happened in South Dakota, not North Dakota.


You can survey my land when you can get past my electrified, barbed wire fence (without doing any damage to it, of course).


The most Basic point is that the Govt’s use of Eminent Domain is too loosely utilized! In the USA the Govt should not be able to easily give a Private Corporation or anybody really a Privilege of Taking the Land of anyone away from them. And it should be beyond the Scope of any Low Level Judge to decide on issues they may not even understand. The use of Eminent Domain should be something that is nearly impossible to use. It is too easy to abuse. Our Govt is doing too much to eliminate the Rights of Citizens when the entire purpose of our Govt is Protect our Citizens and our Rights, our Safety, our Sovereignty and our U.S Constitution. I think the Argument could be made that Eminent Domain is Unconstitutional. But, it certainly should be Extremely Rare for it to ever be used. And in the case of this article, no, find another way to ’ Save the World "!!! Leave our Property Q
Owners alone. A good reason to use Eminent Domain is to buy back the USA Farmland that China Has bought and is buying! Same for land near our Military Based. And Bill Gates buying up Millions of Acres of USA Farmland. The USA must have Farms!! We must be able to produce our own Food Supply!!! If Foreign Countries control the World 's Food Supply they Control the World. So THAT is a good reason for Eminent Domain to be used!!! To build new Houses, or the Enrich a Private Corporation, No!!!

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