Judge who owns gun store booted from bench for pointing gun at Black man in court

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Glad he was finally removed but how the hell did it take eight freaking years for the judge to face consequences for this??


Anakin: The judge was found biased.
Padme: So, his previous rulings are being investigated right?
Anakin: …
Padme: They will be investigated right?!


And what other consequences is the ex-judge going to face for pointing a loaded gun at someone in court??? If the situation had been reversed at best the person who pointed the gun at the judge would have been arrested and more charges tacked onto whatever brought them into court in the first place. [Realistically, more likely they’d have ended up shot and killed by the bailiff.]

So when will this ex-judge show up on the other side of the gavel, as a defendant? Given the FO part of this debacle took 8 years, I suspect the answer will sadly be “Never.” [At least not for this situation.]


Bigboy’s Guns

Perfect name for an insecure manchild’s business.


Well…I don’t know. The Commission recommended his removal a year ago, and he hasn’t been paid since then, but he appealed, which he’s entitled to do. Still, to your point, how the hell did it take seven freaking years? I could see where COVID might have delayed things some, but not that long. The incident happened in 2015. Maybe no one filed a complaint right away? I have no idea.


Guess Viagra did him no good. Need external boner now.

On the other hand, this may serves as advertisement for his side business.


Racist asshole should have all his past cases reviewed because he had proven to be a role model of “impartial” judge.




he had a habit of keeping the gun attached to the underside of the bench while he was hearing cases.

This is absolutely fucking insane, full stop. Not only do his past cases need to be re-examined, the entire process and system that allowed a person like this to become a judge, let alone function as one for years, needs to be stripped down to the frame and gone over with a fine-toothed comb.


This is my gavel,
This is my gun.
This is for judging,
This is for gross misconduct and reckless endangerment.


Bigboy – grown-ass adult male that is so scared and fragile that he always needs a gun to clutch like an infant’s binky and may have to threaten others with if a 165 lb man walks towards him to ask a question (depending on melanin density)

Pathetic over-grown, gun-clutching children should never be allowed to be in charge of anything


While he has the threat of severe legal consequences already protecting him, along with at least one bailiff whose entire job is to keep order in the courtroom and protect the judge and jury. This level of cowardice and insecurity from a person with total authority and protection is comparable only to the police.


No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. This is merely an unfortunate misunderstanding.
The judge was simply trying to sell the gun to the litigant and used a somewhat over-enthusiastic sales pitch.

Seriously though - what are the odds that some other kind of unacceptable demeanour wouldn’t have taken eight years [insert Grosse Pointe Blank gif] to boot this asshole off the bench?


To be fair, “The Black man was comin right for us” as an ad hoc justification for egregious actions is something he knows works and has personally seen work in the past. Ya know, being a judge way up in bumblefk NY


Adding to all of this, a man who is 6ft or over and only weighs 165lbs is pretty damn skinny.


That’s what I noticed as well. I am shorter and heavier and few would say I’m built like any type of athlete except maybe a cyclist, though I don’t have the calves for it. Definitely not likely to find a 6’ football player who is only 165. The average is 245. Slight difference.

So yeah, there must be some other factor here. Can’t quite work out what that might be…


As a lesser note, so on the nose that having this sketch on Mr. Show would have required a rewrite.

Mr. Putorti also owns a gun and ammunition store, Bigboy’s Guns, in Whitehall.

Protip: read the thread before commenting.

The written record is here.


apparently he was reprimanded, but he repeatedly bragged about his conduct.


lol, protip for thyself: I did read the thread first.

It turns out different people can end up commenting on similar things from different angles, you see.

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