Judgey: Web game that lets you judge a book by its cover

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I was 80% accurate—and my score was

Pretty Damn Judgey: You may know what you like, but you certainly know what you don't like. Which is a lot, apparently.

Is the goal to guess accurately?

Edit: next playthrough, rated everything 3.5 stars. Accuracy increased to 92%, and score to

Supreme Court Worthy: You're like the scale of justice. You're fair and balanced. We're seriously impressed. This isn't easy. But you make it look that way.

So the moral of the story is, GoodReads rates everything at about 3.5 stars? Or these people just picked books around that rating?


As a GoodReads user most books I read (mostly fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy) hover around a score of 3.60 to 4.10. So yep, rating anything as 3.5 stars has a good chance of automatically boosting your accuracy.

I also tend to leave “bad” ratings (2 is an “okay” and 3 is “liked” on GR) compared to everyone else and don’t care if that makes me “judgey”.


The point is to show there is some shit cover design on some decent books?

I actually didn’t see any covers I would consider terrible—certainly some were not great, but they all at least seemed like they were considered, and had had work put into them.

I was expecting to find books like this in the mix:


Yes, needs more of this, and greater variety of books and cover art in general. If the point is to have fun with it, I mean. They seem to be about teaching some kind of lesson that I’m not interested in.

Wolf in White Van is really good, btw. (John Darnielle is The Mountain Goats, for point of reference.)

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