Julie Nolke explains the pandemic to her past self, part 5

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Heading for my booster jab as soon as I am back in Joshua Tree.


Given that federal and local assistance under the CARES act expires in a couple of weeks (leaving tons of folks high and dry during a pandemic that is NOT over), I’m really concerned what December 2021 Julie has to say.


My Dear Wife and I already prepared for another lock down. We’re very happy we got out for the Summer, San Diego & Northern California. But the Fall/Winter will be project around the hacienda and lots of day trips on the new motorcycles.

Stay safe mutants, distance / Vaccinate / mask up.


Wait… Vaccine won’t be free in a few weeks?

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No, no. The cash assistance for unemployed workers and PPP loans for businesses under the CARES act is coming to an end. I think the federal school loan payback is still suspended until January.

Unless Congress can vote in another extension, which is probably not going to happen according to recent political grumblings.


That’ll be a self initiated lockdown, because the collective will of the US is surely not going to create lockdowns now. Cf Alabama.

We’re now in the midst of a fully preventable new wave of illness and death, utterly predictable and predicted, and predicated by the behavior of the same people who… I need to stop ranting, as I am off to work at the hospital.

Stay safe, Papasan!


just had a client tell me that his job is shutting down again. granted, he works in a managed-care facility, but still. the county told him as of monday they had 500 breakthrough cases, and one of them is one of his coworkers. thanks, anti-maskers!

but on topic, i love her videos. and she didn’t even tell her past self about the Delta and Lambda variants!


Or the white tailed deer reservoir…


The what, now?

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I’ll come back and tell you in December.

Just kidding, but I am sorry to be the one to tell you…

We have a ton of deer around here, so this news freaked me out.


“Are we surprised?”
“Not really.”


Julia is Canadian so that won’t change much for her. Though our election in October may change things.

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just checked out her imdb page and i really think someone needs to put her in a movie that has a character not named English Teacher (uncredited), Reporter, or Witch #1. this woman is very funny with a great delivery.


Unlikely. My uninformed opinion is that things will stay exactly the same, only more so.

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