Jumpspeak uses AI to make you a better Spanish speaker on Day 1

Originally published at: Jumpspeak uses AI to make you a better Spanish speaker on Day 1 | Boing Boing

Quit watching the video 3 seconds in after he throws the book down and they actually cue up a screaching cat noise. That tells me everything I need to know about this company’s sophistication level and how cliche-ridden and outdated their alleged “AI” learning system probably is. I thought the car-alarm sound was passé, but the cat screech was probably old in 1940s radio, and no amount of “irony” can resurrect it.

Not judging a book by its cover. Judging language-learning by a (thrown) book’s sound effect.

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If it’s about learning Spanish, maybe don’t use a picture of the “Arco del Triunfo” in Barcelona, where the local language is, (and they’re really most insistent about this), Catalan, and very much not Castellano (Spanish)!


I’ve actually been trying to research software/apps for learning spanish. I can’t seem to find any good reviews of this online… or really a good source for language learning software reviews. Any one have any tips on finding something that’s a good fit for me? Or personal recommendations?

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