Juno, NASA's Jupiter Mission, and My Visit Inside a JPL Cleanroom

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Awesome feature, @xeni! I can’t wait for the first images.


Keep it Clean

So that’s why they call it a “clean room”. I get it now.


I didn’t know that the radiation level was so high there, although we use Jupiter a s a pointing source for our radio telescopes. It seems like an interesting job to design gizmos that will work for a reasonably long time period while constantly being barraged with such signals.

I know a guy in town whose job has him working on some exotic CCD cameras for taking videos of things getting vaporized at some national (nuclear) lab. He’s always going on about the rad-hard chips he has to buy on a non-JPL budget.


Actually you will be a little closer to Jupiter later this year.


Interestingly, JunoCam was pretty much an afterthought; this is a spinning spacecraft suited to particles and fields science, not imaging. We may get some pretty pictures, but this is no Voyager, Galileo or Cassini! For extra points, which spacecraft visited Jupiter but was designed to take no pictures?

New Horizons?

Ulysses? (1992)



when are we going to get another major mission to neptune or uranus?

Nope, sorry!

You, sir, WIN THE INTERNET! Congratulations. Yes, incredibly, Ulysses was blind.

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