NASA's Juno spacecraft is about to reach Jupiter after a 5-year journey. I visited JPL Mission Control right before the big show


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I will freely admit that I am looking forward to the pictures of the Great Red Spot from an altitude of only a few thousand km with the bated breath of an addict watching his fix being prepared.



Just don’t land on Europa. Attempt no landings there.


I’m looking forward in finding out if there’s a giant black monolith sending signals to extraterrestrials!


Juno will commit suicide before it lets that happen.

Trust in Juno.

The final mission phase is the Deorbit phase, which occurs during the final orbit of the mission. The 5.5-day phase starts several days after the Orbit 37 science pass. It ends with Juno’s impact into Jupiter.

The deorbit maneuver was designed to satisfy NASA’s planetary protection requirements and ensure that Juno does not impact the Jovian moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.


An excellent summary article. Thank you.

I knew a very silly dog like that once. I confess the comparison to Jupiter had never occurred to me, but I like it. (-:


Just what does “grounded” mean for a spacecraft? How do they maintain a 0 volt reference? Long cord?


We will be watching. Ready for first contact.


Pretty sure they’re going to suicide dive the Juno Craft specifically to prevent such from happening.


15 minutes until the JOI burn. :pray:


1/2 way through the burn …

How long after the burn ends before photos and new sensor data are received?

We’re watching live interviews and recorded features on

About 30 min after burn ends, team needs to turn Juno to restore solar power for 18 sensors gathering data as Juno rotates.

There will be an opportunity for students and amateur astronomers to vote on direction of a “Juno Cam” and also have access to signals from Juno sensors for amateur processing.

About 3 min now until burn ends … and then 20 min or so until turn performed.


Welcome to Jupiter! :smiley:

Burn is complete, turn is getting ready to start.


NASA’s Juno Mission
Trekking to Jupiter to improve our understanding of the planet’s origins and the formation of planetary systems everywhere. (link:

Arriving at Jupiter 7.4.2016


The guy shredding the fall-back communication plan seemed really happy to do so.

You could almost say he was…
( •_•)> ⌐■-■





Good point. “Referenced to chassis” is a bit of a mouthful though.

In the vacuum of space with charged particles slicing through everything, any electrically isolated part can reach a very high PD with respect to other parts. Eventually even PTFE or ceramic insulators break down, at which point semiconductors can get fried. On Earth there is usually a tiny leakage path around ceramics due to surface ions - in space, with particle bombardment, the surfaces can get extremely clean.


I want a giant black monolith to drop on the heads of a number of British politicians, it’s about as likely.


Like the Celebrity Big Brother House, the Monolith is full of stars*; and possessed of a weird, alien intelligence.

*for a given value of stardom


Nah, they’d just make more dickhead politicians, and it’d be monoliths all the way down. We need the Culture to sic SC on them.


Maybe we could send our political class on a trade mission to the Affront?


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