NASA: We're headed for Jupiter's moon Europa


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Came here for…etc.


Now yer’ talking NASA!


Wooo Hooo!!!
Bring on the extraterrestrial sushi!!!


Do they have wasabi in space?


I hope the mission is better than the movie.


Ya, super strong stuff, but in space they can’t hear you cry from the pain.


That makes my Wookiee fur stand on end!


Just be careful about drinking the enceladan organism.


So, where are they gonna get the nucleotides for powering the thing?


I expected a 2010 comment to be first, and indeed it was. My faith in the BB community remains strong.


If NASA makes it there before the ESA I propose we rename the place “Americana.”


Watch out for large black monoliths…


If Jupiter’s going to be a second sun, then this whole global warming thing is outta everyone’s hands.


Don’t worry. Jesus will be taking us all home soon…


Looks like NASA is complying with Clarke’s edict for now. Any lander will have to be on a subsequent mission. It would be a big deal if they can pull it off. Nobody has landed on an airless body other than the Moon. Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Titan all give you the ability to aerobrake.


Mercury people choose to eat aliens rather than making friends with them.


Just to be clear, we’re not all headed there. That would be a disaster. But I checked, and it’s just one little unmanned craft. ~whew~


I dunno. It got me excited. I was gonna say “Where’s the Indiegogo link?”