Watch a low flyover of Jupiter's moon Europa


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Strangely hypnotizing.


There has to be intelligent life out there because they’ve been smart enough to not contact us.


…will “investigate whether the icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.”

Well, at least they have the highways already built.


So many highways, so few snow plows, apparently.


Video improves a little bit at 2x speed. Improves quite a bit on magic mushrooms.


Looks like they have a gopher problem. Time for some Mr. Rabbit. Don’t mind the wire. Doctors’s orders.


You brought to mind for me an idea that I find amusing, heartbreaking and terrifying in equal measure.
What if they asked to be taken to our leader?


Depends on who they ask. If they ask me I’d be all “psst! Obama! I’m throwing this one your way, just roll with it!”


I dunno, I think that Vladimir Putin would cut quite the dash on the Interstellar stage. He’s got, “Evil Galactic Overlord” written all over him.




Nice to see some bike lanes.


They’re ATV tracks. All of the aliens are named “Billy Bob.”


3001 story was even better. Frank Poole found freeze dried - and easily revived.

And the monolith aliens, millennia after seeding earth decide this experiment really did not work out - time to dispose of the petri dish and all the samples…


It’s hard to believe that Europa has more liquid water than Earth.


Warning: video also contains talking heads. Damn.


Drone shot of Seattle this weekend


As long as they are not called “Beedy Beedy Beedy Bob”.


The roads are already built, all we have to do is show up.