Watch a low flyover of Jupiter's moon Europa



Looks a lot like Albuquerque or Scottsdale.


“On balance, I’d rather be on Europa.”


So what explains all the “roads”? Are those just representative of space rocks that have hit the moon and dragged about? If so, are there similar patterns on our moon?


That first video is exactly what it looked like when I took too much ketamine.


I wouldn’t live there if you paid me.


Lol if there’s life out there, they’re going to be laughing very hard at every last person on our planet. Trust me


cracks of moving ice over the underlying ocean.


That’s all well and good, assuming we attempt no landing there

very decent and strangly realistic little indie-movie with a very good cast and premise. and as it happen to be, the film is currently availible in full on the tube (with an almost equally impressive flyover over europe):

highly recommended.


Video unavailable

This video contains content from Paramount Pictures, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.


sorry. works fine for me here.


UK, not fine (or maybe it’s just me…)


I feel like it should have had a Philip Glass music track.

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