Beautiful footage of Jupiter

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"Scientists report today the discovery of a species of sapient fish living on the endless seas of Jovian moon of Europa. The species is said to be carbon-based, oxygen-breathing, and full of arrogant pricks whose subtle condescension made NASA scientists feel sheepish and embarrassed. When asked if they had received messages from Earth, the complex alien life forms responded that they ‘Got rid of their Facebook account years ago’ and have been ‘really trying to unplug.’ Further communication with these remarkable creatures was deemed unnecessary by NASA, who said that the creatures ‘probably had better things to do than to talk with us.’ "


One year when I was in school the teacher had us build a model of the solar system that stretched across the classroom. I was part of the group that painted Jupiter and because we were a bunch of kids with tempera paint we were kind of sloppy. A parent who was helping us kept insisting that the lines had to be neat because the clouds on Jupiter were clearly separated.

Then the Voyager II pictures started coming in and we felt vindicated in our sloppiness.


I share your enjoyment of Jupiter @beschizza, but you done missed one “f” in that there blockquote you got first.

While I think seeing practically any planet up close is awesome, I saw Jupiter through the 12-incher at Griffith Observatory some years ago and have yet to eclipse that sight. Close-ups of the planet are as stunning as ever, but there’s something about seeing it live that does it for me.

And didn’t I see somewhere recently that the Great Red Spot is rapidly dwindling in size? I wonder what might cause that…


Now I get 2061: Odyssey Three!

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I always wondered how far down the red spot goes. It may be a surface storm, but I’ve always suspected it to be just the top of a tornado-like feature.

What’s my favorite planet? And I can’t pick Earth? Fine, it’s Phobos, because since Pluto was demoted, planethood has been seriously overrated.

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