Juno's breathtaking images of Jupiter


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That’s the biggest nipple I’ve ever seen.


Happy now? You just made an entire planet NSFW.


Earth Storms Are Easy


I’m going to give a little love to Voyagers 1 & 2.


The close up looked like an egg over easy, abit of bacon and toast I’d be ready to go.


Add a side of green cheese from the Moon – market price


If that’s a nipple to you… Maybe I, or you should be worried.
I’m kind of missing some essential parts. :wink:


There : now you can post it on Facebook.


By the way pictures like this always evoke William Blake’s paintings to me :


If you look closely, you can see the Jovian version of Rush Limbaugh, discounting the Great Red Spot as a hoax, and quietly evacuating.


If you stare at it long enough, it moves.

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