Astonishing close-up image of Jupiter taken by Juno last month


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“Astonishing” is somehow just not fitting to describe that planet. Wow.

Just wow.


To those of us that grew up with fuzzy images from Earth-bound telescopes where the only feature visible was the “great red spot” and a few stripes, these are truly amazing.


For those like me who were not all up on the various zones of Jupiter:


IIRC, zones and belts circulate in opposite directions so you have massive swirly storm systems where they meet.


Uhh… i saw the picture for the corner of my eye and that looked very… uhh… Yonic.

Not that i have a problem with that, i was just confused for a second when i wasn’t paying attention.


It somehow reminds me of the Sistine Chapel. Maybe the color palette. Either way, very pretty.


“My god! It is full of clouds!”


Look like something Giger would paint.


Van Gogh?


Personally, I consider Jupiter an enemy planet.


What about Uranus?


You mean George…{what? they went with Uranus? Really?? What dicks!!!}


Still waiting for Juno’s selfie.


To me it looks like something by Edvard Munch, but without people.


Still not more of an overheated gas-bag than Trump.


Screw Mars - this is what we should be colonizing.

Would you rather live in a bubble stuck to a freeze-dried monochrome lump, or floating around inside all of this?!




There’s the small problem of deadly radiation, Juno is built like a tank to deal with it.


I honestly can’t think of any problem associated with living in a floating bubble in a turbulent gas giant that isn’t insurmountably huge. At least with our current tech.


Probably yes. I’d start with one of the moons myself. The view alone is worth it.