The cloud-tops of Jupiter


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Um, have you seen Beijing’s atmosphere?


Vaporized-mercury-silver on bromine-fumes-brown doesn’t seem like much contrast.


It’s fucking orange. In continous shades.


Good point. Beijing has way more hydrocarbons.


In anycase, Jupiter’s atmosphere is beautiful. It’s a bit like staring into the world’s most complex espresso.


Lucky Starr and the Cloud-Tops of Jupiter!

“Oh I picked up the capsule while I was outside when we first made orbit. He said normal orbit, but normal doesn’t mean usual, it means polar, intersecting the poles. I worked out the position from his earlier track. We’ve had the capsule all along.”

Or something like that.


I got tired of pushing through it on my way down the street.




This is from 2007, A preview of the Juno mission which will enter Jupiter atmosphere July 4.


And one day, corporate drones will use this data to determine which cloud tops to extend their probosces into, to siphon off that sweet, sweet fuel.


In high school I wrote a sci-fi story where the planet leaders were voting to capture all the hydrogen for fuel, and then mine the theorized diamond studded core.


Ah, the objective analysis… One needs to breath the atmosphere to truly appreciate it.


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