Jurassic Parkour


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My lab mates and I are laughing our asses off! Thanks Frauenfelder, we needed that


I can’t imagine the degree of strength, coordination, and pain endurance it takes to run in those shoes. The parkour was impressive too.


I often wonder what goes into the stylistic choices of always having the camera POV moving, even when the action is static or otherwise in-frame. Partly I wonder if people try to maximize the total amount of motion on-screen in an effort to capture the attention of viewers (or creators) who are easily distracted.


Brilliant marketing for their reserve! Bravo.

Hell, I’ll go!



Today I learned that you will always go faster by just going around the table/bench/tree/rail compared to jumping over them with 180 degree turns.


Always? It seems like a very small statistical sampling.


Well this prompted me to review a larger sample size.


That was a blast. Thank you @frauenfelder


This was a commercial for New Balance, right?


Dinosaur headbutts the door at the beginning? Genius. Glad they left that bit in. :smiley:


Thanks for tracking this down! I was wondering where this was filmed.


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