Just felt an east coast Earthquake

Just felt a big shake. Maps showing 4.4 quake centered in Delaware.


A bit stronger than that per the USGS


Which isn’t oneboxing…

USGS reports it at 5.1

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I think they are showing two closely space epicenters - one at 4.4, one at 5.1


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There’s no hydraulic fracking going on in Delaware, but I wonder if fracking in “next door” Pennsylvania could be the culprit.

There have been a good half dozen 4.0-ish earthquakes in SE Michigan since I moved here at the of the last century. I’ve been in a pickup truck each and every time. I can’t quite wrap my head around how it always works out that way. :confused:


The readings have been consolidated into one quake at 4.4.

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You are obviously causing them when you drive in the pickup truck. Stop that now.

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Maybe I shouldn’t be passenger in pickup trucks. I don’t believe I was driving during any of these earthquakes. :wink:

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