"Frost quakes" startle the frozen North


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These have apparently been happening all over my metropolitan area (I live outside of Toronto), but sadly I have yet to experience one.


i’ve heard about them too but i’m not sure if i’ve experienced them or not. i did hear something the other night that sounded a bit like the rumble of a moving truck but it seemed far too late at night (1ish AM) for it to have been that. it wasn’t particularly loud, though, and if i had been asleep i could easily have missed it entirely.

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I lived in Michigan for years, four of those were winters in the Keewenaw, and this is the first I’ve even heard of such a thing.

Then again, I may have always just dismissed them as gunshots.

I’m in the GTA as well, did not hear or feel the quake. Tuesday morning Jan 7th, it was incredible seeing vast cloud vapours ascending from the lake with air temp at -43 wind chill.

Hearing/feeling ice thunder from cold expansion is humbling ice fishing on Lake Simcoe.

We definitely had them in Le Sueur on the 5th and early morning of the 6th. They kept rattling various parts of my house and scaring the pets. And when I mentioned them at work the next morning, people from the southern metro all said, “Is that what that is??” and looked like they’d learned something new.

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