When ice attacks


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7 minutes of video and they couldn’t rotate their phone 90 degrees?

We’re fast reaching the point where youtube is going to need to detect vertically oriented videos and adjust the player dimensions to accommodate.


Fast approaching? I think its about 4 years overdue.


The ice video is from last year. Mille Lacs is a very large lake with its own micro-climate. I’m from MN and I know these things.

So how often does this ice push / ice surge occur, because if it’s frequent enough, whoever developed that land has some ‘splainin’ to do.

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Not very often at all. Ice accumulates along the shoreline and wind-driven waves can start on the open water, causing shore ice to move inward. However, the lake usually freeze completely so open water waves with weak shore ice is rare.

I live on Lake Superior where this is more common and there are usually not developments near shore.

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So basically this just confirms my perception that Minnesota winters are what hell is actually like.

You can’t even hide from winter inside your warm house heated by modern technology. The ice and snow will literally crawl out of the lake to smash your windows and park itself inside your living room.


Amazing how surprised she sounded that it made it through a door. I think I would have been inside moving stuff out of the way and otherwise preparing for the inevitable.


Not nearly that dramatic. As Gregg said, the video depicts something exceedingly rare. We don’t all live on lakes!

Where’s my super suit?

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I think that may be a bad place to build a house.
Protip: if you find an excellent deal on property near water, be very suspicious.

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The gauntlet was thrown at 00:28 and the ice responded in kind.


Even Facebook knows when a video is vertical, mostly because it looks like their stock report.

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Hope the Fortress of Solitude is up to those MN building codes.

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Out of curiosity, what is that boingboing is doing to redirect embeds of youtube videos such that they don’t even have a link to youtube? It’s really kind of annoying.

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Man, who would live in a place prone to natural threats like this?

Ken M.
San Francisco


It looks like the ice is rapidly spawning long ice crystals at the leading edge as it creeps forward… I’m a bit baffled by how that would happen.

Yes, BB is going down the dark road… I think it’s the Embedify script thing. Anyway, you can view source and dig out the YT link… here it is:

Those spawning crystals are just chunks of ice rolling over the top of each other. For a similar effect, maybe try pushing a mound of loose Legos around and see what colors pop-up.

Here’s a video of this same phenomena on Lake Superior - wind blown waves washing up thin shore ice. It’s stunningly beautiful and makes a lovely sound. Some years, it can build up to be almost five to ten feet thick in some areas. Superior has a steep, rocky shore so it builds up. Mille Lacs (pronounced Muh-Lac if you’re from northern MN) has a shallow, sandy shore so there is potential for “attack”.

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