'Ghost Apples' of ice form after freezing rain in Michigan [PHOTOS]


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‘Ghost Apples’

Great name for a band.


I live in Michigan and it is currently the most beautiful winter I have ever seen… All the trees look like futurist sculptures…


I also live in Michigan and appreciate your positive attitude.

I also enjoy the beauty of winter in the moments when, simultaneously, the blowing snow stops long enough to see and the high temperature gets out of the single digits so I can go outside comfortably. Just beautiful stuff.


You must be a yooper, eh?


Yah dare. Holy wah, how did you know?



This sounds wrong. Apples will decay and liquefy at sub-freezing temperatures? Before a warm snap hits?


There’s nothing wrong with the cold if you dress for it. I like being from Michigan. I feel kind of special that I was able to drive to school on my Arctic Cat. Now I live in an area that closes school when there are rumors of snow.


I applaud your admission of being one of those kids. You be you!

Edit: To be clear, no sarcasm there. Those kids helped pull me out of a snowbank or two while driving their 4x4 trucks instead of their Ski-Doos.


Former Ohioan here;

First, those are pretty cool.

That said, the last time I went through a freezing rain while I was an undergrad student, it left a two inch thick layer of ice over everything… and while it looked really pretty and ethereal, the reality is that it made traveling outside treacherous as all fuck.

(Though it was sort of funny watching other people try to walk on it, once I was safely inside.)

I don’t miss real Winter at all.


So you say, but… don’t you?






Full of sugars and alcohols?


Yeah now I kind of want to know what the process is that makes this happen in more detail. Maybe the decaying process generates just enough heat?


A couple of weeks ago, I almost wiped myself out on an uneven sidewalk slab after a couple of hundredths of an inch of freezing rain. Nasty stuff.

Another possibility is that it ferments and makes enough alcohol to lower the freezing point of the liquid inside.


Is that Ghost Apple juice he is sipping on? looks hauntingly delicious…


Also Horse Apples for the punk opening band.