Watch this expert apple sculptor create juicy delights

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I love that they still are identifiable as being made from apples when they are done. Sometimes it feels like using uncommon materials for sculpture is just a hook or gimmick and the material is inconsequential in the end. These retain the creative constraints and aesthetic of the apple itself which adds to the charm.


You’re really on a ‘making things’ kick at present, Andrea. I’m not objecting, it’s just that I don’t have enough time to watch all these mesmerising videos. :wink:

(Even when I watch them at 2x playback speed!)


“All wonderful things all the time” is my BB beat these days!


Where can I get these magic apples that don’t turn brown when you slice them?

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These juicy delights have juicy ends.

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Apples that don’t turn brown have been available in US grocery stores for many years now.

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