Rare "snonado" captured on Lake Superior




It is a shame the camera appeared to be auto focusing on the plant in the foreground. If it had been me, I’d have left the lens cap on… even though my phone doesn’t have a lens cap… or a camera…


Oh come on Euan, thats a pretty cool video! Yesterday I didn’t know these things existed, today I saw 6 lined up in a row on the internets. P.S. Thanks Maggie, a real find…


I was just up there (north shore) a few days before… All we saw was 4 feet of snow quickly accumulating. (The wife, Los Angeles native, was disappointed because all of the waterfalls were stiff).
I was told that I also missed some really nice northern lights and falling stars on the night of 7 Dec.
Now that I put it all together, perhaps this was all alien activity.

alien: illegal Canadians


At least it wasn’t a vertical-aspect video…


Next up: thunderblizzards.


Actually, I did see one large flash of lightning during the snowstorm (won’t call it a blizzard; only 2 ft in 24 hrs) that occurred a few days before he recorded the water spouts… I watched for more, but was not rewarded…


Psssh. That’s nothing, have you seen stonados?



Yeah, I think that was part of the whole weather system package deal. Happens fairly regularly in MN. It’s happened once where I live in Michigan since I’ve moved here and minds native to this area were utterly blown.


I actually had to check to see if ‘Stonados’ was just a joke. Sadly, it isn’t.


Oh, but it IS a joke. I watched just three minutes of the film and was convinced. SyFy has just failed, or maybe I’m too old.


Wind chill based on 100mph winds at the “snonado” = Minus 50 degrees F.


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