Liquid water discovered on the surface of Minnesota




I literally just checked the top banner on my monitor to verify that it's not actually April 1st.


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Where has this site been hiding? One of the other most viewed posts was "school drops Nordic skiing..." Extra hilarious to me because sometimes local university teams used to show up at the park my high school used for its "home" track. I'm pretty sure Gustavus Adolphus was among that lot on occasion.

Grow up in Minnesota, letter in Nordic skiing. Yay! We're all masochists!


As your northern neighbor (kind of, in Michigan), I approve of this post.


Fort Lauderdale, huh. We'll be right over.


My grandparents from Lake Wobegon (actually Glenwood) would always visit us in Tucson in March, precisely because of the liquid water (muddy slush), making our dry roads mighty appealing.


It appears to be an alternative publication to the staid Gustavian Weekly.

We are Legion


Yeah, it didn't take me long to figure out where it came from (included in my comment), the question was more along the lines of this being some fine satire, so why hasn't it ever made it's way onto BB in the past?


Maybe it's new? Or the humor only works for those of us who have spent time in Minnesota and therefore understand the jokes?


It seems a tad more applicable than to just MN. Any developed frozen-ass area north of the 45 parallel (obviously, not North Korea) should get this kind of humor. There was precious little on the website to provide length of operation. It probably existed as a paper publication for a really long time, much like the Onion. Dunno.


I have no idea how long this paper has been around. This is the first I've run across it. I hope that the kids responsible for this headline get themselves an Onion internship, though.


Next comes the discovery of sentient cheese curds.


I wonder how many other north-of-45 colleges have such publications? A biting wit might be the only thing keeping students warm in a biting blizzard wind.

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I don't know, but several of my friends are Michigan Tech grads, I could ask one of them.


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