Animation of today's storms flaring on US radar loop

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It is Nature herself honoring our benevolent overlord’s one-hundred-days rally today by creating a storm of such great magnitude that it resembles our dear leader’s hair.


Holy crap - looked like Napalm across the midwest.

Is it the Cylons?


My poor cat is terrified of thunder, and we had a lot.


I think I can pinpoint when I was riding my bike home.


Same here. I’m in one of the spots that got the heaviest rain. It was pretty astounding.

My wife was snoring so I moved to the couch. At one point we had two thunderclaps in quick succession that were really close, and I went from asleep on the couch to diving for cover before I’d even woke up. I wondered for a moment if there had been an explosion, and then when the house continued to shake I wondered if we were having an earthquake. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Not on this video, but my parents were stuck for four hours in the snow behind a jackknifed semi just outside of Moriarty, NM this morning.

Scary video. Luckily, with the defunding of NOAA, videos like this will soon be a thing of the past.

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