Just in time for Hanukkah: Maccabees and Menorahs, a dreidel powered RPG


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Lovingkindness? Joy? I wanna be an Orc!


Session one: “screw this theocratic bullshit, let’s establish a multicultural secular republic”.

Session two: time to find out how good your GM is at improvising…


Theres probably a CC D20 rules set you can adapt for the combat portions of infighting between the Macabees and the secular/Helenized Jews as well.


Hmm… I think you’re on to something here. Should be feasable to modify that into something that enables committees to reach a decision. (Rule of thumb: good decisions are the best, obviously, but a bad decision is usually better than no decision at all.)


My Potatomancer’s latke-golem took serious damage from a Greek soldier’s magic applesauce missile. :frowning:


Wouldn’t you have to resort to some other flavor of tubermancy until new world crops become available?

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