Just park this VW van fridge right in your kitchen


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I hope it evokes rather than revokes.

Before expressing an opinion on the subject, though, I’d like to read Slavoj Žižek’s take on it (doubtless coming in three volumes). In particular, is this fridge Hegelian? Has the dialectic between refrigeration and camper-vanning led to a synthesis or is this just another example of the essentially intellectual nullity of consumerism? What would Umberto Eco’s critique look like? And what’s its energy rating?


Can I get a Dharma Initiative version?


Hipster refrigerator. Why I ask you?


Funny. I spent part of yesterday yanking a fridge out of my VW bus.


Because it stores your greens without spoilage.


I bet it uses freon, but contains an apparatus designed to fool regulators into believing that it doesn’t.


All that attention to detail and then they deface it by splattering their branding across the front.




They should make a wrap kit.


So does this.


That ain’t the type of greens in the crisper I be talkin’ about, Papa.


Yay. First with the fooling bit.


Well, then it’s not air-cooled like the original Type 2 Bus/Kombi.

Color me unimpressed.


That’s actually a microwave oven.


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