Just some Corgis having a doggie snow party

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For those hoping for a unicorn chaser: due to the rampant extermination of big game by Eric and Donald Trump Jr, all surviving unicorns are staying at undisclosed secure locations for the duration of the Trump administration. Kitten and Corgi chasers are the best you’re going to get for the next few years. Thank you for your understanding.


except one, standing his ground


A few weeks ago i’m at the bus stop, waiting for said bus to arrive to be on my way to work. I see a guy walking a corgi on the other side of the street, i casually stand there with no reaction while internally i’m freaking out over the cuteness of the dog.


they are saying, “put some runners on this tub – it’s hard to pull!”

Do these Corgis live in their own stratified society?

Clearly. And they each have their own Jaguar or Range Rover. Their choice.

gotta love the corg riding in the tub - this is perfectly normal

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Hmmm… I don’t see any doggie snow…

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