Maximum cuteness: Corgi races


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Logan Handsome Pants!


Screw that: I want to see a steeplechase.


I did not plan on spending twelve minutes this evening watching Corgis racing. I regret nothing!


That sportscaster would have scared the hell out the little doggies. They really should have hired one of those golf announcers who sound like they’re on mute.


I chased a steeple once, hardly ran at all, don’t see what all the fuss* is about.

*Admittedly the parson was a bit pissy about it.


How come I can’t find a video of Great Pyrenees racing?


Sorry, but without monkey jockeys, what’s the point?


They only move for real danger or unattended food.


Much better sports than some breeds I could mention…


Or to round something up. That’s the thing about sheepdogs, even little ones. Mine tries to round up Border and Scotty dogs because he thinks they are sheep.


Man. I’m jealous! Anyone who gets to spend all day with dogs AND get paid for it obviously has the game of life figured out.


I examined each dog+owner combo of Heat #1 very closely by rewatching several times. Pretty interesting. Some dogs don’t seem to like their owners. Some owners don’t seem to like their dogs.

Also, I think a couple of those dogs actually knew what was up and wanted to win. Purple looked over its shoulder. Cyan wanted to catch purple (but if you watch after the race, Cyan may have just really wanted to smell Purple.)

Almost as good as marble races.


I used to live near a pasture in rural Yorkshire, one of my neighbors had a Corgi that regularly played with my Spaniel, and once gave me a demonstration of how a Corgi can be used to herd cattle. Really amazing.

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