Justice Dept. to charge 2 Russian spies and 2 criminal hackers with 2014 Yahoo breach of 500 million accounts

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So one of them has been arrested by the FSB for working for the CIA, and seems to have been a general criminal who was “invited” to work for the FSB but then decided to defect.
This does tend to suggest that the FSB itself is not in total control over what is going on. So is this a case of generalised Russian evil or is it more like the rest of the world’s intelligence agencies who make use of criminals when they can but are always likely to be double crossed?

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I was hoping that this would have something to do with Trump coordinating with Russia over leaks to influence the election. So disappoint.

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Clandestine state-sponsored cyber attacks against civilian institutions with the express purpose of stealing citizens’ private information? Wow.

Pressed for comment on how he would respond to this Russian provocation, President Trump reiterated his, “Boys will be boys” policy…

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I am curious, if one of you can explain to me, how what the FSB agents did is any different from the CIA’s daily activities?

They got caught.

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