Justice goofs in document redaction, confirms open secret on Google surveillance case




Justice Department accidentally tells truth!

(I typed that without irony. Sad.)


It was the act of a concerned citizen, who redacted everything except one, purposefully, hoping it would slip through. Now, obviously, they will be thrown into solitary confinement and will face trial next decade for espionage.


The sad thing is . . . that’s the most plausible outcome.

Do they even know what justice means? It’s available online!

Justice : jus·tice : noun

just behavior or treatment. “a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people” synonyms: fairness, justness, fair play,
fair-mindedness, equity, evenhandedness, impartiality, objectivity,
neutrality, disinterestedness, honesty, righteousness, morals,

Is it . . . opposite century or something?


Turns out Google isn’t just the cute multi-coloured logo that we’ve known and loved…


This might delay FISA requests in the future. I suppose it’s enlightening to learn that our suspicions about Google receiving National Security Letters are well-founded, but now the US has an excuse not to release documents in a timely manner.

We’re quintuple-checking our redactions. It might take another couple of years.

I miss the days when copy and pasting constituted an end run around “redaction.”



If I ever buy a sailboat for racing I intend to name it [REDACTED], just to confuse things. No, I don’t think I’ll get tired of the joke.

Well, I’m glad Google is at least trying to fight this stuff in court, even kangaroo court.


I’ve been trying to come up with the most interesting Google searches I can, just for fun.

“NSA director slathered in peanut butter and raisins”, for example, and that’s a SFW one.


If I open a bar. . . yeah, that’s an awesome name.

Or have another child.


They can’t even keep their own secrets, why should I trust them with mine?


Obligatory XKCD,

I’d name my kid Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--? or something like that.


Cue for slow yakety sax.


A classic :slight_smile:



I always thought there should be an alternative strip ending with “And I hope you’ve learned to TAKE BACKUPS”


Or perhaps name bobby with a javascript snippet that searches on a RegEx for anything NSA related. My regex-fu is too rusty and weak to think of a valid string right now though.


The government feared that "Ministry of Justice would have led to copyright/trademark issues with the Orwell estate.


Erm-- Justice was renamed MiniLove. Justice is too complicated for newspeak.

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