Justified circles back to old friends and enemies to close out its fifth season [Recap: season 5, episode 13]


This season’s finale felt like every other season’s mid-season break. Other seasons have spent the first half circling around, introducing and establishing the players, and then halfway through, some big event happens that kicks the story into its rockslide of a climax.

What I’m saying is that hopefully next season makes this season’s build-up worth it.


Still no UK air date, schedule or broadcaster. Sigh.

This is the finale? Three months ago I hadn’t even heard of this show. (And I still know nothing about, nor care.)

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Overall, I’d have to say this season was more like a set-up for the next (and final) season. Still, it was fairly entertaining. One interesting note…If I recall, Raylan fired his gun only once all season, and that was to put a couple of holes in Dewey Crowe’s swimming pool.

I look forward to next season. We’ll see if Raylan actually manages to get back to Florida.

So you clicked on the story, then came to the comment section to tell us how much you don’t care? Makes sense.

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I really enjoy reading these writeups as they often, particularly in this case, quantify details in the show that I’m having trouble expressing. This season didn’t feel like it ever really got any traction, and this last episode felt less like the culmination of a storyline and more like a mid-season story development.

Even so, I’ll still happily tune in whenever it’s on. It’s the t.v. equivalent of choosing a lesser Elmore Leonard book over People Magazine, and whatever their t.v. approximation would be.

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